What is the best umbrella? To be blunt, there’s only one.

I’m not an ambassador for Blunt nor am I paid to say this, but I love these umbrellas because they’re simple, stylish and seriously strong. I also love that someone’s put the energy and technology into creating a truly superior and functional brolly that works in everyday rain and severe weather.

These guys from Blunt are all about umbrellas and there’s amazing engineering that goes into them. This “flatter aerodynamic canopy” means that even the most powerful winds glide over the top of the umbrella so you’ll never be that person fighting against their umbrella in the wind, desperately holding on as the fabric tears away from the tips and ribs.

Further, you won’t need to worry about stabbing yourself or anyone else because there are no sharp points. Thanks to their super schmick “radial tensioning system” it opens evenly and spritely into a taut canopy, like fingers stretching into a glove. This makes it super sturdy.

They don’t come cheap but you get what you pay for. My philosophy when shopping is buy once and buy well so, unless someone steals it (someone stole mine!), this rain defender will be your weather mate for a long time.

What a knife is to a cook or a flower is to a florist…a blunt brolly is to a meteorologist. It will make you wish for rain.

You can get yours here.