Wow, first time back on the laptop in weeks! Baby’s asleep… which gives me a chance to share my top ten baby and post pregnancy items that I can’t live without (and wish someone told me about!).

It’s hard to believe that Archie is almost 6 weeks and I feel like we’re finally out of the “blur” and have got into a bit of a groove. Everyone told us this would happen but when you’re sleep deprived with a crying baby trying to work out whether it’s colic or a bad tummy or a million other things, 6 weeks feels like forever! Everything I was told finally makes sense. My initial thoughts on sleep deprivation were “Puh-lease, after 7 years of breakfast television and 3am starts, I got this!” But the newborn sleep deprivation is something else and I salute every parent who has been through it! Breast feeding doesn’t just happen either, and it certainly didn’t come easily for me. After a very challenging labour, my milk was late coming in so I’ve had to work to build up my supply and learn to do the feeding tango with Archie. Believe me, we stepped all over each other’s feet to start with (so to speak), but now we’re in sync!

While a lot of the crying and sleeplessness is unavoidable, there are a few things that have really helped me with feeding, bathing, sleeping and all things newborn over the last few weeks. Here’s my little black book of my favourite baby and post pregnancy items*. Hopefully they’ll help you too! (*None of these items are sponsored or paid for, they’re all my personal choices).


Archie has been difficult to settle and didn’t want to sleep much in the first few weeks, and these are the products  have been a god send for us! We still have our unsettled periods but Archie is now sleeping so much better!

Cooconababy Mattress: The coocoonababy has made a big difference to Archie’s sleep and he loves it. It’s an ergonomically designed mattress that’s like a little “nest” for the baby and mimics the semi-foetal position in the womb. It’s on a bit of an angle so it limits gastric reflux and reduces the involuntary jerky movements that often wakes them up. I often settle Archie in my arms, and the transition from me to the cooconababy is much easier that putting him down on a normal flat mattress because it’s cosy and cocoons him like my arms.

Love to Dream Swaddle Up: I started off swaddling Archie and sometimes if he was tired or in the mood, it would work great and he would stay wrapped and snuggly for the duration of his sleep. But during his unsettled periods, he would break free and kick it all off which would also wake him! The Love to Dream Swaddle Up has made a massive difference in the sleep department as he’s comfy, doesn’t fight the swaddle or wake himself up. His hands are still upright which he loves, but covered so he’s warm. Having the hands up also helps the baby sleep because it enables them to self-soothe by touching their cheeks or sucking their hands.

Gro Egg Room Thermometer: I live by this device! It’s pretty hot up here in Byron at the moment which isn’t ideal for a baby’s comfort or sleep. I love the Gro Egg room thermometer because it shows me at a glance whether it’s too hot or cold by changing colour, especially helpful at night. Adjusting the temperature of the room to the recommended 19-22 degrees, and Archie’s sleeping garments accordingly, has made a big difference to the duration and quality of his sleep.


Increasing milk supply- Fenugreek tablets and teas: My milk supply was late coming in which was pretty stressful! So when I got home from hospital I committed to a healthy diet of fresh food and nourishing, slow cooked things like bone broth to assist my own recovery and milk supply. I also started taking fenugreek tablets, drinking teas (like Weleda Nursing Tea and Yogi Women’s Nursing Support) and pumping in between feeds. Thankfully, my milk came in and I still take the tablets and teas to maintain a healthy supply.

Fenugreek tablets and teas for a healthy milk supply.

My Brest Friend nursing pillow: This pillow makes nursing so much more comfortable. My Brest Friend is firm, helps the latch, takes the pressure of your back and frees up your hands to drink a nice, relaxing tea while you feed. This pillow has been especially important for me as it’s been difficult to carry Archie while still recovering from birth plus he’s so heavy (born at 4.83kg!)

Feeding- Medela bottles and Boon Grass Drying Rack: For the odd occasion that I need to give Archie expressed breast milk in a bottle, he likes the Medela bottle with the normal teat (not the Calma). Every baby is different so this is very personal (some won’t take the bottle and there were brands he didn’t like). It also helps that I use the Medela pump for expressing. For drying, I recommend the Boon Grass Drying Rack, simple and stylish.

Post Pregnancy Clothing and Recovery:

Nancy Ganz Shapewear: I love Nancy Ganz shape wear for toning the post -pregnancy lumps and bumps. Plus, the designs aren’t dowdy at all, they’re feminine and flattering.

SRC Recovery Shorts: The SRC Recovery Shorts are specially designed for post natal recovery to help regain your pre-pregnancy body faster, while reducing pain and providing pelvic/back support.

Bath time:

Bath Support: I love the Infa Terri Bath Support and Pillow at bath time as it makes it so much easier to hold the baby without having to support their whole body weight. It’s nice and comfy for bub too.

Bath Thermometer: We use the Oricom duck bath thermometer religiously to make sure the water is at the recommended 38 degrees. It flashes if its too cold or hot so you can adjust the temperature.

I’m still finishing my nursery but I look forward to sharing my furniture and decorations soon! One of my favourites is the Leander cradle