I’ve had a huge amount of feedback from you on my baby shower farm picnic so I thought I’d share my ideas and style tips to help make your day just as memorable.

My inspiration for the baby shower was spring…flowers, pastels, new life. Personally I don’t believe there are any rules. The only thing that matters is that you’re with people you care about, celebrating you and the baby.

I was lucky enough to have our event planners Jane and Abbie (from Three Blue Ducks Byron and The Farm Byron Bay) plan most of the baby shower for me. I wanted it to be low key and beautiful, and I love things that are hand-made and bespoke, so my mum and I made all the decorations ourselves (crazy I know…must be that preggo nesting!). The great thing is our hand-made creations were so fun to do and really gave the baby shower that the personal, earthy, boho feel I was after.

Event type: I chose to have an afternoon tea farm picnic to give everyone a chance to mingle and because I like the idea of serving cakes, charcuterie and cheese boards, juices, teas and champagne. It’s more casual than a sit-down lunch. Living in Byron Bay and having the farm, I was lucky enough to be able to set the picnic in the beautiful macadamia orchard.

Invitations and guests: I used Paperless Post for my invitations which is excellent and eco-friendly as you’re not wasting paper. I chose to make my baby shower all-women as I wanted to draw on that amazing feminine energy. I extended the invitation to their children and babies which added a lovely atmosphere. Feel free to invite guys though, remember no rules!

Styling: My favourite part! I decided to DIY the decorations with my mum because I love making things and wanted the picnic to have a bespoke, hand-made, boho, farm feel. It was also a really lovely bonding experience. My colour scheme was neutral/pastel to go with the boho/farm vibe and to stay gender neutral as we don’t know what sex the baby is! I decided to make dream catchers, bunting and floral arrangements that would hang off the trees, and place all different types of flowers in jars on the produce tables (see below on how to make these). For seating, we just set up hay bales, rugs, cushions and umbrellas.

Catering: I had the food catered by the wonderful chefs at my partner’s restaurant Three Blue Ducks Byron Bay with a cheese and charcuterie board, sandwiches, house-made sausage rolls, donuts, cupcakes and fruit. One of my favourite things was the traditional sponge cakes with passionfruit and strawberries, made by the lovely women from the Country Women’s Association in Bangalow. What an honour to eat their legendary cakes! A baby shower is personal, so it’s lovely to have these warm, comforting touches whether it’s your mum, aunties, nanna or friends baking. For drinks, I had champagne, water and juices. Apart from popcorn and sugar-free lollies, I didn’t need to cater separately for the children.

Baby Blessing and activities: Instead of games, I did a “baby blessing” and had a couple of optional activities set up at a table. The “baby blessing” is one of the most special experiences I’ve had to date! Instead of gifts, I asked each of the guests to bring a special trinket, bead, crystal, feather, anything. We then all sat around in a circle and each guest tied her treasure onto a long leather string while giving a positive intention to the baby. Now I have a beautiful garland of these personal treasures filled with positive energy to hang up in the baby’s room. Doing this was the highlight of everyone’s day and it’s an heirloom I’ll treasure forever. I also set up some stationery and invited the guests to write a letter to the baby which Darren and I will read out to them one day. I also had a some cards with Name/Birth Date/Sex written on them for guests to guess at their leisure and then put in a box. When the baby is born, I’ll give the guests with the correct guesses a little prize.

The beautiful baby garland filled with everyones trinkets and positive thoughts.

Kids: We set up a separate little blanket, tee pee and table for the kids to hang out with lollies and pop corn. To keep them entertained, I just lay out paper and crayons and some bubble blowing containers with wands which they loved!

The kids tee pee area and my hanging flowers (see below on how to make them!)

My DIY to baby shower decorations:


What you need: different coloured papers, twine, hole puncher and guillotine.

We bought a heap of different pastel coloured papers from Lincraft which come in books and cut them into triangles with a guillotine. Punch a hole in each of the top corners and feed the twine through. Easy and gorgeous!

Dream catchers:

What you need: Vine from the garden (or metallic/wooden rings), natural rope/string, scissors, shells, feathers, leather, beads, crystals

I live on a property so I collected vine from the garden, arranged it in different sized circles, tied the ends with leather or rope/string, and dried them in the sun to harden them and keep the circle in place. You can also buy wooden/metallic rings from a craft store. I watched a you tube tutorial on how to weave the rope/string here (it’s easy) and then added my own shells, beads and feathers.

Hanging flowers on a branch:

What you need: A long tree branch at least 1 metre, bunches of flowers with sturdy stems, natural rope/string, scissors.

Pick a sturdy branch from a bush or garden near you. Cut about 20 pieces of rope/string approximately 1.5m long each (or how long you want it) and attach them to the branch about 2-3cm apart. Then randomly tie your flowers to the rope string at different heights to create a beautiful “curtain” of flowers. Hang the branch horizontally off a tree and let the rope/strings with flowers flow in the wind. Gorgeous!