I’ve always loved fashion but I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard staying stylish as a new mum! I’m lucky to get out of the PJ’s and get a shower some days, let alone have time to put on make up and rock the latest threads! But with a few tricks and the right pieces it’s not only possible, but perhaps more important than ever to feel good and treat yourself!

Casually walking around Byron in this gorgeous hand knitted cardigan from First Born.

I’ve trawled through hundreds of sites looking for the perfect mum stuff and by that I mean practical and stylish: the baby bag that, quite frankly, doesn’t look like one; flat shoes that gorgeous yet still comfy enough for running around with a pram; nursing outfits that look good and still allow access to the “milk bar” for baby; carriers that are beautiful, practical and easy to put on etc etc.

Below is my specially curated list of favourite tried and tested items for every stylish mama! (None of these items are paid or sponsored, they’re all things I genuinely like and recommend)

Yoli & Otis Baby Carrier: I’ve tried a few and the most beautiful and easy to use carrier is by Yoli and Otis. It’s organic, plant dyed and comes in a range of gorgeous, neutral colours and prints that you can match to your outfit. I  haven’t been able to master the baby slings that need to be tied up. I always end up making it too tight or too loose, the baby cracks it, I get stressed, then tangled, and then we stay at home! This one’s great as there’s no tying and it looks nice and clean too.

My favourite Yoli & Otis baby carrier and shades from Sunday Somewhere.

My favourite Yoli & Otis baby carrier and shades from Sunday Somewhere.

Sunday Somewhere Sunglasses: With zero time for make up and sleepless nights, sunnies are a new mums best friend and my favourite pair at the moment is the Isabella by Sunday Somewhere.  The feminine round shape is super cool and will never go out of style. I love so many of the sunnies from this label- Soleil, Ned and Yetti to name a few- so it was really hard to narrow it down!

Claudine & Ash Baby Bag: I’ve looked at dozens and my favourite by far is Havana baby bag by Claudine & Ash, in natural and black. Firstly, it’s spacious and contains all the bits and pieces you need like a change mat, nappy purse, elasticised pockets, bottle holders etc. But it’s also beautiful and made with high quality super soft luxe leather. The best part is that it doesn’t look like a baby bag! It’s the style of bag that I’d buy anyway so I’ll be using it as a spacious carry-all for work and travel when Archie’s older. It’s a little on the exy side but my philosophy is “buy once, buy well” (at least that’s what I tell Daz!) and considering you can use it post-baby, it’s a winner.

The Claudine & Ash baby bag and Slip slick eye mask.

Slip Silk Eye Mask: Let’s face it, us new mums don’t get much sleep at night so you need to take the day naps when you can! I need the room pitch black to get shut eye so an eye mask is essential for me. My favourite is by Silk as it’s soft and luxurious.

First Born Knitwear: With the baby needing access to the milk bar 24/7, my wardrobe options are simple and limited these days! That’s why I love these beautiful hand-made, fair trade cardi’s, ponchos and throws from my sister’s label First Born. They’re super easy to put on and instantly make a simple outfit look chic, effortless and gorgeous.

Some of my favourite pieces from my sister’s hand made, knitwear label First Born.

Lack of Color Hats: There’s barely any time to have a shower, let alone wash my hair, so hats are my best friend! They instantly make an outfit look stylish and put together, while hiding bad hair days and protecting from the sun. I live in my short and wide brimmed Spencer straw fedora from Lack of Color, and just purchased a straw boater and some fedoras in grey, tan and black as they’re perfect for day and night. There are soooo many gorgeous hats on the website you’ll get lost trying to choose!

My favourite hat styles from Lack of Color.

One Piece Swimsuits: I’ve been a bikini girl all my life, but now that I’ve had a baby I pretty much need the equivalent of spanx to head to the beach! While I’m happy carrying some baby weight during breast feeding, one piece swimsuits are a more flattering option- and they don’t have to be daggy! Infact, one of my favourite styles- the bond girl/wet suit/neoprene one piece- is totally on point right now! Some of my favourites below are quite pricey but I’d rather have one good, perfect fitting swimsuit than a few duds! Duskii do super gorgeous neoprene one piece wetsuits that are both edgy and luxe. I also absolutely love the cool prints by We Are Handsome (they distract from the mummy tummy too!). If you’re prepared to splurge for an investment piece, the bond girl/wet suit style one pieces by Lisa Marie Fernandez are super flattering. I especially love the Jasmine Bonded Maillot in  black and denim. Zimmerman do some very cute and feminine prints and cuts here.

My three favourite swim suit styles from Duskii.

Statement Sandals: While stilettos are not that practical with a new baby, you can still look and feel stylish and glam with the right pair of statement sandals. I’m totally obsessed with the whimsical “Penny Lanes” by Elina Lenardarki. They’re perfect with denim and white dresses, shorts and playsuits. You’ll love the website as there are plenty of show-stoppers on there! Another recent purchase is these black suede dancing sandals from KLF which go with everything and are super cute with their cut-outs and tassles.

Sandals from Elina Lenardarki with my Tan & Brown leather back pack, KLF back suede sandals.

Tan and Brown Bag: Between holding a baby, pushing a pram, juggling groceries etc, I need a hands-free bag and this beautifully simple leather back-pack bag from Tan & Brown is perfection.