Everyone talks about the weather. And I’m not surprised. It’s one of the universal things that connects us all. Every single day.

Because the weather isn’t just about science. It tickles our senses, affects our lifestyles and decisions, and evokes certain moods and feelings.

We all experience the weather every day be it the wind in our hair, goosebumps on our arms, warming sun on our legs or raindrops running down our cheeks. Most of us can relate to the evocative smell of an imminent thunderstorm, or fall asleep to the comforting sound of rain falling against the roof.

The weather drives what we do, where we travel, what we eat, how we dress, who we see and perhaps most importantly, how we feel. Sunny makes us feel positive and happy; cloudy is warm, comforting and moody; humid is sexy, gritty and cultural; while rain is rejuvenating and symbolises new life.

Other times, the weather is extreme and life threatening and this is when it’s even more important to get good forecasting and guidance.

So here, I’ll be relating to the weather on every level: as a meteorologist with explanations of fascinating weather phenomena and major weather events; and as a lover of lifestyle I’ll be exploring other parts of our lives so intimately and inextricably connected to the weather- food, travel, fashion, beauty and wellbeing.

I’m inspired by the seasons and my work in weather and climate has given me a great appreciation of the delicate balance and resilience of nature and how important it is to protect it if we want to stay happy and healthy. I’m not a perfect example of a totally natural and holistic lifestyle, but my passion for the environment finds me gravitating towards things that are sustainable, ethical and artisanal.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.